st1618: Tappecue-The Next Generation of Digital Thermometers is Here! [Podcast]

My newest favorite digital thermometer is called the Tappecue.  It has 4 independent ports and will report moment by moment temperatures to my iPhone or Android over the internet.  Yes, I can now start something cooking or smoking, leave my house, and monitor my cook from anywhere I need to go.  This is cool! Learn all about it in this episode.

Tappecue Website

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  • Alan Z.

    The first thing I did when I got my v2.0 Tappecue a few weeks ago was to run it from a battery. The device draws only .3 watts, so I get 25 hours run time from a small 5200 maH USB battery. So far, I have not used the AC adapter. One thing to note is that some USB batteries have an auto shutoff if the battery doesn’t see significant current draw. The Tappecue draws so little power that the battery shuts down after a while. So you may need to try different battery models to find one that does not shut down.

    • Chuck

      Thanks Alan. I have the v.1 so I am a little sad that I can’t do the same thing. I really don’t like plugging the unit in each time but it is a small price to pay for the convenience of the Tappecue. Nice to have you as a listener.

      • Alan Z.

        FYI There are 9 volt batteries available, both rechargeable and standard, and there are adapters available too that simply plug in. There is a post on the Tappecue Facebook page where I guy shows his setup.