st1610: Ogle App – A New Danger to Your Children [Podcast]

and 7 things you can do about it

Anonymous social media apps are being used for cyberbullying, intimidation and embarrassment of other students. The problem is, it is really difficult to trace a photo or comment to a particular person, although not always impossible.

Courtesy of Ronan Walsh, The Freelancer (student newspaper of La Serna HS in Whittier, CA)
This poster was hung by the La Serna HS. Students who signed the poster pledged to stop posting negative content to Ogle.

OGLE is a campus-oriented platform which allows users to anonymously post comments, photographs, videos and to exchange messages, themes, and chat with others in the application. Users are able to post anonymous content to a campus without requiring the user to be in proximity of the campus. As you can imagine, this has led to bullying and even child pornography. In this episode we look at what a parent or teacher can do about this cyber-threat.

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