st1606: Ransomware – Your Computer and Data Could Be At Risk!

Ransomware is the newest form of malware or computer virus.  A hacker gets into your system, encrypts your files with a unbreakable password, and holds that data hostage until you pay a ransom.  In the best scenario they then give you the password so you can get to your data.  In this episode we discuss ransomware and how you can protect yourself.

Some of the precautions you can take are the same as for preventing other Malware or Hacking attacks:
1. Use robust passwords and change them often. I HIGHLY recommend a password manager such as 1Password.
2. Do not click on email links from unknown or suspicious origin.
3. Do not download illegal files such as songs or movies or visit bit-torrent sites.
4. Update your antivirus and computer operating software often.

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