st1604: Apple VS the FBI: Balancing personal privacy with national security [Podcast]

Steve Cook published a letter on the Apple website explaining how, in their opinion, the recent request and court order by the FBI unduly put the security and safety of millions of American citizens is peril.

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In other words, the FBI wants Apple to rewrite their iOS operating system to remove encryption and security safeguards, update the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook, and make the data on the phone available to the FBI to fulfill a search warrant.  Farook and Tashfeen Malik entered a holiday party in San Bernardino, CA, and killed or injured 31 people in what is presumed to be a terrorist attack.  Apple argues that they do not have the encryption key or the information stored on the phone in a readable format and have done all they can do to assist the FBI in their investigation.  The FBI disagrees.  In this episode, we explore the danger of the government or anybody for that matter having a master key to all data on all devices.  Is our loss of privacy worth the claimed increase in personal and national security?

Tim Cook’s Letter to the public

Apple answers specific security questions

Although I don’t agree with his conclusions, I think this is one of the most straight forward rebuttals to the argument I make in the podcast.  As you will read, I don’t think his conclusions are accurate.  But it is a good read!   Cut The Crap, Apple, And Open Syed Farook’s iPhone

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