st1603: 4 Ways to Keep From Being Hacked on Facebook or other Social Media (don’t be like Bill) [Podcast]

Don't be like Bill!

If you are a Facebook user you probably have fallen for “clickbait.”  You know, that sensational headline or outlandish promise that tempts you into an innocuous click and suddenly you are down a rabbit hole or immersed in ad and pop-up hell.

The problem with some of those is that they can be fronts for malicious code that can infect your account or even your computer.  In this episode I cover 4 suggestions by the Better Business Bureau for not getting hacked as well as ways to share posts and still be safe. All of this in light of the new Facebook meme, “Be Like Me, Be Like Bill”

Be Like Me, Be Like Bill at Blobla (I’m really not encouraging you to go to this site but since I referenced it in the show…)


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