st1602: 5 Ways to Get Faster and Better WiFi in Your Home [Podcast]

In the world of Netflix, iPads, Smart Phones and Smart Watches, there is nothing more frustrating than flaky wifi signals, dropped frames, and endless wait times.  In this episode I explain 5 things you can do to increase the signal, speed and reliability of your home WiFi network and create harmony and peace in your home! (Ok maybe the last line was a bit much!)

Photo by Pond5

Special thanks to Rick Muscoplat at Family Handyman. You can read his original article HERE

1. Make sure your wifi router is up to date  – 802.11 ac dual band is the best readily available and prices are under $100.  But if you do not have at least an “N” router, you probably need an upgrade.

2. Update your routers’ firmware.

3. Change the channel

4. Relocate the router – Central and up high

5. Try a range extender

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