st1518: “Hey Siri” Unpacking Apple’s Latest Announcements – new iPhones, iPad Pro, Watch os2 and Apple TV [Podcast]

In today’s episode I get to talk about my favorite thing, new goodies.  Specifically new goodies from Apple.  On September 9, Apple shared some new updates.  But instead of repeating the entire keynote, I want to give you some highlights, the things I thought were innovative.

It is amazing to me, when apple announces something, the negative comments that come out.  I mean, if some of these things happened 20 years ago, the world would be in awe.  Instead we go, “Really, thats it.  Can’t you show me something really exciting.”  Well lets see if we can pull out the exciting from the mundane.  Let’s talk about the new iPhones, the iPad Pro, updates in Watch os and the Apple TV.

Complete September 9 Keynote Address

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