st1514: 10 Technologies that have Changed My Life! [Podcast]

There have been a lot of amazing technological discoveries/inventions that have changed the world.  But when it comes down to it, each of us has technologies that have personally influenced the way we live our lives.  In this episode I explore 10 of these technologies that have changed my personal life.

Personal Computer (I Like Macs)


Smart Phone (I like iPhones)


Satellite TV (I like DISH)

Bible Software (I like YouVersion)

On Line Shopping (I am an Amazon Prime member!)

Digital Photography

Fitness App (I like MyFitnessPal)

Podcasting (I like SmartTech!)

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  • Matt Crump

    1.The iPad is one of my favorite technology items.
    2.Bluetooth or hands free in a car is another, being able to listen to podcast or music without cords is just amazing.
    3. Sync technology from one device to another
    4. Facebook and social media – so I can see what my kids are doing or friends. Plus they can keep up with my activities.
    5. Music and Videos on either phone or tablets… amazing
    6. PC – the world is at our fingertips for viewing or buying products..
    7. Smart homes. someday I will enjoy this feature but I love the technology.
    8. email, messenger or texting.. instant communication instead of waiting for days.

    just a few off the top of my head.