st1709: I Just WannaCry! [Podcast]

The WannaCry virus wreaks havoc on world businesses

Have you ever just needed a good cry?  Well the people experiencing the “Wannacry” virus are probably feeling that way right now.

Wannacry is ransomware.  It encrypts an infected computer’s hard drive and attempts to sell an encryption key to its victims for a cost of $300 to start and then the cost escalates quickly the longer the victim waits to pay.  In this episode we talk about the insidiousness of such ransomware and how you can protect yourself.

Wanakiwi – possible WannaCry fix

WannaCry cousin uses your computer to mine Bitcoins

1Password – Password Manager

st1602: 5 Ways to Get Faster and Better WiFi in Your Home [Podcast]

In the world of Netflix, iPads, Smart Phones and Smart Watches, there is nothing more frustrating than flaky wifi signals, dropped frames, and endless wait times.  In this episode I explain 5 things you can do to increase the signal, speed and reliability of your home WiFi network and create harmony and peace in your home! (Ok maybe the last line was a bit much!)

Photo by Pond5

Special thanks to Rick Muscoplat at Family Handyman. You can read his original article HERE

1. Make sure your wifi router is up to date  – 802.11 ac dual band is the best readily available and prices are under $100.  But if you do not have at least an “N” router, you probably need an upgrade.

2. Update your routers’ firmware.

3. Change the channel

4. Relocate the router – Central and up high

5. Try a range extender

st1510: What’s best for you – a mouse, tablet, trackpad or trackball? [Podcast]

The Ergonomics of Computer Input Devices

We spend a good portion of our lives in front of our computers. How much time do we spend considering the best input device to use to give us the most comfortable and efficient experience? In this episode I explain the 4 most popular input devices and which one might be the best for you.

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st1502: The WORST Password of 2014 [Podcast]

SplashData’s list of frequently used passwords shows that many people continue to put themselves at risk by using weak, easily guessable passwords.

The word “password” has lost it’s number 1 spot of the worlds most used WORST password.  What won this year?  Well I guess you already know if you have looked at the picture above!  On this episode we look at the 10 worst passwords used during the last calendar year.  The password is the main gate between your data and some really bad people.  If you have any passwords even close to this list, listen to the best options available to you.  Below is the entire list from SplashData this year as well as links to the 3 password managers I highly recommend.  Choose one and get busy securing your data!

1 Password – My favorite and the one I use

SpashData – A subscription service that is used by some of the top companies in the world

LastPass – Known as the most economical solution but now 1Password is giving them a run for their money!

If we would all just take a lesson from Spaceballs!

Presenting SplashData’s “Worst Passwords of 2014”:

1    123456 (Unchanged from 2013) 
2    password (Unchanged) 
3    12345 (Up 17) 
4    12345678 (Down 1) 
5    qwerty (Down 1) 
6    1234567890 (Unchanged) 
7    1234 (Up 9) 
8    baseball (New) 
9    dragon (New) 
10    football (New) 
11    1234567 (Down 4) 
12    monkey (Up 5) 
13    letmein (Up 1) 
14    abc123 (Down 9) 
15    111111 (Down 8) 
16    mustang (New) 
17    access (New) 
18    shadow (Unchanged) 
19    master (New) 
20    michael (New) 
21    superman (New) 
22    696969 (New) 
23    123123 (Down 12) 
24    batman (New) 
25    trustno1 (Down 1)

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st1425: Drop into Dropbox [Podcast]

In this episode I explore one of the most reliable and most robust cloud services on the internet, Dropbox. It is also a great value at FREE for 2 gigabytes of storage space.

Click HERE to sign up for Dropbox and get 2 gb of free storage

Click HERE to sign up for Copy and get an additional 5 gb or free storage for a total of 20gb FREE!
Don’t forget to install the app on one of your devices after sign up and activate the app to get your extra storage space.

To find out more about Copy, listen to episode st1405