st1711: Are you Smarter than Your Luggage? Bluesmart Unveils it’s new Product Line

Bluesmart came out with the world’s first smart luggage!  A carry on with a lot of high tech abilities.  Well over 2 years later, they have done it again.  They have updated their software and electronics, and created a smart luggage system.  In this episode we talk about what smart luggage is and if you really need it.  We also explore the features in the new luggage set and make some recommendations.  By the way, if you decide you’d like to purchase one piece or the entire set, click HERE to get the absolute best pre production price available!

Language Warning. Please do not watch if you are easily offended.


st1613: How to save 20% or more on Gas Costs for your Car using Technology [Podcast]

For Americans, this episode is being released during Independence Day Weekend.  This is a holiday where Americans have traditionally got into their cars and headed for the open road.  But, even with the recent dip in gas prices, driving can be an expensive proposition.  In this episode we look at the website and App, Gasbuddy and discover how it can help us save 20% or more on fuel costs by alerting us to the lowest gas prices in the area.

Links from the show:

The difference between prices at Los Angeles gas stations can be huge – Whittier Daily News

GasBuddy Website


st1612: A Water Bottle that Fills Itself from the Air [Podcast]

Introducing Fontus

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness, no water…

Now imagine that your water bottle could extract moisture from the air and make fresh drinking water for you?  Well that fantasy is a reality with the Fontus water bottle.  In this episode we introduce the product and tell you how it works.

Fontus Website

Fontus Indiegogo site




st1607: Boarding Pass Danger! [Podcast]

All types of personal information is stored in the cryptic bar code on your airline boarding pass.  This makes a boarding pass the perfect inroad to your digital life by identity thieves and other criminals.  Yet people leave them everywhere.  Find out the dangers and what you can do to protect yourself in this episode.


st1519: Bluesmart: The World’s First Smart Connected Suitcase (and yes, I want one!) [Podcast]

In this episode I introduce you to the first smart connected suitcase. The Bluesmart lets you charge devices on the go, weighs itself, tracks itself, lets you know if you are leaving it behind and can hail an Uber car when arrive at your location.

Bluesmart Carry-On
by bluesmart
on Sketchfab