st1706: You CAN take it with you! (syncing your life across your devices) [Podcast]

The more devices we use, the more the need to sync our files to more than one device.  As the price drops, and the speed and reliability of cloud storage increases, cloud storage becomes a great answer.  Today we talk about the big 4 storage sync solutions and which ones work best for which situations.

Photo courtesy of Google G-Suite
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st1701: 2016 – A SmartTech Year in Review [Podcast]

It is amazing how, when a year comes to an end, we tend to forget all of the things that have happened.  2016 has been a crazy year in a lot of ways, but it has been a diverse technology related year.  So in this episode I review some of the technological events of note through the eyes of the SmartTech podcast.  Be sure to share your favorite technology related events or gadgets in our comment section or on our Facebook page.

Illustration provided by Pond5

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st1620: 5 Big Announcements from Google [Podcast]

The Google Pixel Event

Google recently held their Pixel event.  Not quite an Apple spectacular, but the did have 5 solid announcements at the event.  In this episode I will cover those 5 announcements.  Are they for you?

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The Verge Google Pixel event article

st1617: Google Duo – Is it Android’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime? [Podcast]

Google Duo is Google's new cross platform video chat app

Google introduced  a new free service and they call it Duo.

It is a simple yet effective phone to phone video call app and works much like Apple’s FaceTime.  Although there are similarities, there are also some differences.  Is this something you should download and try?  We answer that question and others in this episode.

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st1614: The Pokémon Go Phenomenon Explained

Pokemon is sweeping the globe … again.

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Have you seen more people than usual with heads down, wandering seemingly aimlessly all over town?  You are watching the world’s largest virtual reality game happen all around you.  In fact, more people have logged in to play at times than log into Twitter, the most logged into service, until now.  What is this all about.  Are you missing out on the time of your life or is it just a waste of time?  In this episode I explain Pokemon Go.

Vox Pokemon Article