st1711: Are you Smarter than Your Luggage? Bluesmart Unveils it’s new Product Line

Bluesmart came out with the world’s first smart luggage!  A carry on with a lot of high tech abilities.  Well over 2 years later, they have done it again.  They have updated their software and electronics, and created a smart luggage system.  In this episode we talk about what smart luggage is and if you really need it.  We also explore the features in the new luggage set and make some recommendations.  By the way, if you decide you’d like to purchase one piece or the entire set, click HERE to get the absolute best pre production price available!

Language Warning. Please do not watch if you are easily offended.


st1426: 2014 – A SmartTech Year in Review [Podcast]

In this episode we review the best of our 2014 episodes and look into the SmartTech future!


st1418: Traveling with a Bad Elf (or the 10 tech items I took on my last vacation) [Podcast]

My wife and I just got back from a great 4 week vacation. Yes, 4 weeks. We are broke but happy.

blog_BadElfGpsPro-5-devicesWe flew from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale florida. By the way, we took Jet Blue and I really like flying with them for the cost, they are probably the best airline flying today. We boarded a ship for a two week trip around the Caribbean on Princess Cruises. Then we rented a car, and drove through the north Everglades to Cape Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center, St Augestine, Savannah and to the wedding of my Cousin’s daugter. Then we went on to Ashville, NC to the Biltmore Estate and back to Atlanta where we flew on on Southwest, also a decent airline but not nearly the quality of Jetblue.

On this trek I had my bag ‘o technology. In this episode I share the 10 tech related items I took on the trip and also how I used them in a workflow. Some were worth the carry and others not so much. Maybe you don’t work or play the same way I do but perhaps by list and workflow can give you some ideas for things to try for yourslef. So I want to share what I took, how I tried to pair down a little, with some hints on what you might want to do on your trip. I’ll also put links below to each device so you can check things out. And remember, if you purchase from Amazon through our website you help so support the broadcast, so thank you in advance. Be sure to leave your comments, questions, or suggestions in the comment section below.

Jetblue Airlines – My current favorite to fly!
HoudahGeo GPS Picture Tagging Software
Sygic GPS Navigation
Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display
iPhone AT&T
Apple iPad Mini Retina Display

st1325: 2013 – A SmartTech Year in Review [Podcast]

2013, an exciting year here at SmartTech as it was our first! Our goal was to publish 2 episodes a month and this episode exceeds that goal. We hope that you have enjoyed our slightly twisted take on technology!

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st1310: Smart Geotagging or where the heck did I take that picture? [Podcast]

Remember the days of boxes of photos or slides tucked away in cupboards or drawers. Now we have what has become virtual boxes tucked away in our computer! How do we easily sort and retrieve these photos. In this episode we explore one of my favorite ways to easily organize photos, diaries, and trip details, Geotagging. What if you could have an exact track of your movements for a day, week, month? What if you could take that track and attach it to all of the photos you took so you could know exactly where and when you took a photo. What if then you could search, sort, view by the PLACES you have been? What if you could do all of this easily, automatically, without having to tag each photo individually? Today we explore the tools, many free or low cost, and means to do just that.

Question: What could you use this technology for? If you have done this already, what tools do you use? Do you have some unique ways you use this to aid your memory of trips or events. Leave your comments below!

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Below are links to some of the resources talked about in the show:

Houdah Geo