st1624: 5 Tech Related Gifts You Should Definitely Avoid this Holiday Season [Podcast]

Last episode I gave you my best picks for tech gifts this year. But what about what NOT to buy! Bad tech not only makes for a disappointing Christmas, it can be deadly. So I turned to Selena Larson at CNN Money for her input on tech related gifts to avoid.

st1521: The Technology of Barbeque-Cooking with a Traeger Pellet Grill [Podcast]

Humans have been grilling and barbecuing since the beginning of time (or at least the discovery of fire). Good barbecue is low and slow and requires a lot of babying.  What if technology could help with the amount of time you actually have to hover over the grill?  Pellet grills use temperature, hardwood and a digital brain to allow you to do other things beside sit next to your grill all day.  Plus the pellets are very environmentally friendly.

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