st1719: 2017 – A SmartTech Year in Review [Podcast]

It is amazing how, when a year comes to an end, we tend to forget all of the things that have happened.  2017 has been a crazy year in a lot of ways, but it has been a diverse technology related year.  So in this episode I review some of the technological events of note through the eyes of the SmartTech podcast.  Be sure to share your favorite technology related events or gadgets in our comment section or on our Facebook page.

Illustration provided by Pond5


st1624: 5 Tech Related Gifts You Should Definitely Avoid this Holiday Season [Podcast]

Last episode I gave you my best picks for tech gifts this year. But what about what NOT to buy! Bad tech not only makes for a disappointing Christmas, it can be deadly. So I turned to Selena Larson at CNN Money for her input on tech related gifts to avoid.

st1623: I’m Dreaming of a Tech Christmas [Podcast]

Our top 10 gift pics for the tech-head in your life

Merry Christmas, Today we want to share our top 10 technology gift picks for that someone special, or yourself, in your life.  If you like our choices, or are purchasing on Amazon, please use our affiliate links below to purchase.  This helps keep SmartTech on the air!

Pixel Phone by Google

Apple iPhone 7

Apple Watch

Microsoft Surface Studio

iPad Pro


st1612: A Water Bottle that Fills Itself from the Air [Podcast]

Introducing Fontus

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness, no water…

Now imagine that your water bottle could extract moisture from the air and make fresh drinking water for you?  Well that fantasy is a reality with the Fontus water bottle.  In this episode we introduce the product and tell you how it works.

Fontus Website

Fontus Indiegogo site




st1325: 2013 – A SmartTech Year in Review [Podcast]

2013, an exciting year here at SmartTech as it was our first! Our goal was to publish 2 episodes a month and this episode exceeds that goal. We hope that you have enjoyed our slightly twisted take on technology!

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